ISO 9001

BS EN ISO 9001:2015

Orbyt Global is dedicated to simplifying global shipping operations by offering comprehensive solutions for Navigation, Communications, and Connectivity, all from a single source. This commitment brings convenience, operational efficiency, and peace of mind, no matter where or when you need it.

Our aim is to stay at least one step ahead of our customers’ needs, saving them valuable time, resources, and money while providing them with enhanced peace of mind. To uphold this mission, ORBYT GLOBAL’s top management has implemented a Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001 standards.

The key objectives of this system are as follows:

  1. Deliver immediate and effective integrated solutions for our projects.
  2. Strive to consistently satisfy our customers’ requirements.
  3. Undertake projects only when adequately trained and capable.
  4. Collaborate closely with external providers to achieve the best outcomes.
  5. Address and prevent issues, continuously improving our methods.
  6. Enhance working practices for the benefit of customers, our company, and society.
  7. Monitor and contribute to ship and port safety in strict adherence to international regulations and customer requirements.

Our top management remains committed to achieving these objectives and continuously improving our Quality Management System. We ensure our staff receives advanced training, operates within a robust organizational framework, and has access to suitable equipment and methods.

Every member of our team collaborates and participates in upholding the highest standards of quality within the organization. Our efforts for continuous improvement are ongoing, and the results are quantifiable.

Lastly, our top management guarantees that this Quality Policy is well-known and understood by all company staff and is readily available to them and all interested parties through internal and external communication channels.

Commitment to the Enviroment

SRH Marine is committed to environmental excellence.

Our goal is to establish a culture of environmental protection at our business, respecting the natural beauty, the seas and local traditions and habits. Efforts are underway at SRH Marine offices to create an environmentally friendly workplace including:

  • Recycling programs
    Smart technology to reduce solid, water and energy waste
  • Education about simple steps employees can take to reduce their personal carbon footprint
  • ISO14001 Policy

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