ISO 9001:2015

The primary concern of Company’s Management is the provision of high-Quality Services, delivered on time, in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

Statement – Quality Policy ISO 9001

Orbyt Global exists to make it easy for global shipping to manage its Navigation, Communications and Connectivity all from one source. As such, it provides convenience, operating efficiencies and peace of mind anywhere, anytime.
That means staying at least one step ahead of our customers’ needs by saving them time, resources and money. It will also provide them with greater peace of mind.
Th remain committed to this statement, ORBYT GLOBAL’s top management has establishes and implemented a Quality Management System meeting requirements of ISO 9001.
The objectives of this system are:
To provide immediate, effective, integrated solutions to projects that we undertake
To make every effort to keep customers always satisfied
To perform works only if we are able to and well trained to do so
To work closely with our external providers to ensure the best possible outcome for our company and customers.
To correct the problems that arise and prevent their recurrence.
To constantly improve the working methods for the benefit of customers, our company and society.
To monitor and contribute to the safety of ships and ports cooperating with the authorities and customers in strict compliance with international regulations, and customer and other requirements.
Top management is committed to achieving the objectives above and to continually improving the Quality Management System by providing staff with advanced training, an excellent organizational framework, suitable equipment, and other methods.
All personnel cooperate and participate for the guaranteed implementation of QUALITY within the Organization. The efforts for continuous improvement of the quality are constant and the results are measurable.
Finally, Top Management ensures that this Quality Policy is always known and understood by company staff, and available to them and all interested parties, through internal and external communication channels.

Commitment to the Enviroment

SRH Marine is committed to environmental excellence.

Our goal is to establish a culture of environmental protection at our business, respecting the natural beauty, the seas and local traditions and habits. Efforts are underway at SRH Marine offices to create an environmentally friendly workplace including:

  • Recycling programs
    Smart technology to reduce solid, water and energy waste
  • Education about simple steps employees can take to reduce their personal carbon footprint
  • ISO14001 Policy

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