Iridium Certus enables simultaneous operations for business efficiency due to the highest L-Band data throughput available across all maritime market sectors and geographies with low-cost yet highly robust equipment.

Simultaneous operations for business efficiency


Iridium Certus offers the flexibility to scale device speed, size, and power requirements, both up and down, based on the needs of end-users. It can be utilized as either the primary communications system or serve as a companion to existing VSAT setups, enabling you to stay connected, even throughout the Polar Regions. When paired with traditional VSAT, Iridium Certus delivers an ideal hybrid solution combining the benefits of low earth orbit with geostationary orbit and the benefits of L-band with Ku band.

This mobile broadband capability offered by Iridium make a path through communications congestion to provide coverage where VSAT is challenged by congestion, coverage, or regulations, anywhere on the planet while the easy-to-install, small, solid-state terminals bypass terrestrial interference and noise.

The low frequency L-Band signals are resilient to adverse weather conditions and can better penetrate clouds, fog, and rain, whereas the Iridium network’s Low-Earth Orbit design eliminates equatorial geo-arc interference for Optimal Signal Delivery.

The Iridium satellites are in Low-Earth Orbit (800 km), so signals travel in 1/40 the time compared to geostationary satellites (36,000 km), resulting in low-latency, high-speed, always-on connections with shorter transmission path and less signal attenuation.