ORBYT GLOBAL is a technology company for the maritime industry. It provides specialized connectivity, communication and navigation applications that integrates the ship and office into one seamless network. ORBYT GLOBAL services also supports IoT requirements throughout the whole value chain and delivers significant support to the crew via remote support and maintenance solutions.


ORBYT GLOBAL has over 25 years of senior management experience in delivering state of the art digital solutions to a worldwide maritime industry. In addition, the working partnership with Media Broadcast Satellites (MBS) brings a new dimension of products and services that is second to none. ORBYT GLOBAL has its worldwide HQ located in Athens, Greece.

Nexus Shark

ORBYT GLOBAL’s unique technology solution platform is NEXUS SHARK.
It has been created to deliver enhanced connectivity, navigation, ship-to-shore communication, and digital solutions to the maritime industry from a single point of contact. NEXUS SHARK improves performance via e_cient, easy to use applications. and vessel connectivity – and is supported 24/7/365 globally by ORBYT GLOBAL’s infrastructure and experienced engineers, both technical and in the field.

Nexus Shark


The Benefits

ORBYT GLOBAL’s combined services surpass all existing capabilities in the shipping market in applications, service, and quality. Shipping companies do not have to wait any more to get access to new developments. ORBYT GLOBAL can offer them state of the art services today and futureproof customers’ increasing needs within a demanding and growing market.


ORBYT GLOBAL and NEXUS SHARK services are supported by the networks and services of Inmarsat, Eutelsat, Iridium and United Kingdom Hydrographic Office as well as by ORBYT GLOBAL’s own teleport and network operations, ensuring a seamless connection, with the speed and stability needed for the ship operations. Over 500 vessels worldwide are currently using these services.

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ORBYT GLOBAL is a technology company for the maritime industry. It provides specialised communication and navigation applications


The primary concern of Company’s Management is the provision of high-Quality Services, delivered on time, in order to achieve customer satisfaction.


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